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Touring the Facility Check List

This is a printable guide for you to use as a tool when visiting child care facilities.

Rating System

5 = definitely YES or strongly agree
4 = most likely or somewhat agree
3 = satisfied or comfortable
2 = concerned, not sure or somewhat disagree
1 = definite NO or strongly disagree

Rating (1-5)

_____Are you and/or the children greeted when you arrive?

_____Do the caregivers/teachers get down to the children’s level to speak to them?

_____Are the caregivers/teachers dressed appropriately?

_____Do the children appear happy, comfortable & relaxed?

_____Are the children laughing, smiling and involved in playing?

_____Observe mats or cots for naptime. Do they appear clean and safe?

_____Are the children age appropriately separated?

_____Observe facility safety methods. (Check in/out, playground accessibility, fences, outlet covers)

_____Count the caregivers on site for each age group.

_____Observe how the caregivers/teachers are interacting with the children. (teaching, talking, reading or comforting).

_____Notice if the caregivers/teachers are calling the children by their names when speaking to them.

_____Are there appropriate toys and materials for each age group of children?

_____Is the atmosphere bright and pleasant?

_____Is there a fenced-in outdoor play area?

_____Does the playground equipment appear to be safe?

_____Can the caregivers see the entire playground at all times?

_____Are there separate areas for resting, quiet time & active play?

_____Is there enough space for the children in all these areas?

_____Does the facility appear to be organized and clean?

_____Do the toys and equipment appear to be in good condition with no sharp edges, splinters or loose parts?

_____Does each child have an individual space or locker to store coats, belongings and a mat or cot for nap time.

_____Does the center feel homey, warm, cheerful and inviting.

_____Is the bathrooms is accessible with the toilet and sink reachable for the children.

_____Observe all areas or rooms of the child care facility.(bathroom, quiet/nap area, active play area, playground).

_____Does the facility appear orderly and clean?

_____Are hazardous materials locked away?

_____Does the facility have an emergency plan and is it visible?

_____Are electrical outlets covered or protected with safety caps.

_____Does the outdoor play area have both a bare surface for riding bikesand offer a soft surface like sand, grass?

_____Is the playground equipment the right size and type for the appropriate age children who re using it?

_____Does the facility have security cameras?

_____Is the playground covered or have shade?

_____Is drinking water available on the playground?

_____Do the caregivers talk with the children and engage them in conversations?

_____Are their appropriate toys and materials for children of all age groups?

_____Is the children’s art work and accomplishments displayed in the facility?

_____Are the toys and materials clean, safe and within reach for the children?

_____Is there an appropriate place to eat lunch or snacks?

_____Do you hear the sounds of happy children?

_____Does the center appear to be following a curriculum or schedule?

* Add up the totals of all the above scores to give a final total

_____ Total Score (out of 200)
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