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Telephone Interview Guide

This is a printable guide for you to use as a tool when interviewing a child care facility over the telephone.

Date __________ Facility Name__________________ Address________________________

Telephone Number __________________ Director Name ______________________________
  1. How many years have you been in business? _________________________________

  2. Are you licensed with the state? Yes/No

  3. If yes, what is your license number? _________________________________________

  4. If no, do you belong to any professional accreditation organizations? Yes/No

  5. If yes, do you currently have any violations? Yes/No

  6. If yes, what are they and what are you doing to resolve them?______________________

  7. If no, when was the last time your facility was inspected? _________________________

  8. What age groups of children do you serve? ____________________________________

  9. What are your hours of operation? ___________________________________________

  10. How much is your cost for care monthly? ______________________________________

  11. What does this cost include? _______________________________________________

  12. Are there any additional costs? Yes/No

  13. If yes, what are they and how much? _________________________________________

  14. Is financial assistance available? Yes/No

  15. Do you provide meals or snacks? Yes/No

  16. If so, what are they? ______________________________________________________

  17. What is your child/teacher ratio? ____________________________________________

  18. What is the total number of children for whom you currently provide care for? __________

  19. Are you closed for any periods of time throughout the year? _______________________

  20. If so, when are you closed? ________________________________________________

  21. Can I drop in anytime during business hours for a visit to see the facility?Yes/No

  22. Do you offer references? Yes/No

  23. If yes, can I have that information? ___________________________________________

  24. What is the daily routine and types of activities planned for the children? ______________

  25. What are your methods for discipline? ________________________________________

  26. Do you provide transportation? Yes/No

  27. If so, from what time to what time & how for what distance? ________________________

  28. Do you currently have any openings for my child/children? Yes/No

  29. If no, do you have a wait list? Yes/No

  30. If yes, can I be added to your wait list? Yes/No

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