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Meeting with the Director

This is a printable guide for you to use as a tool when visiting child care facilities.

Rating System

5 = definitely YES or strongly agree
4 = most likely or somewhat agree
3 = satisfied or comfortable
2 = concerned, not sure or somewhat disagree
1 = definite NO or strongly disagree


Rating (1-5)

_____Is the facility licensed with your state?

_____Does the facility participate in the national STARSprogram?

_____Does the provider encourage you to drop in at anytime?

_____Does the program have the highest level of licensing offered by the state?

_____Are there written personnel policies & job descriptions?

_____Are parents and staff asked to evaluate the program?

_____Is there a written annual training plan for staff professional development?

_____Is the program evaluated each year by someone outside the program?

_____Is the program accredited by a national organization?

_____What is your policy for discipline practices? Do you agree with them?

_____Are unannounced parent visits welcomed?

Staff or Caregiver Qualifications

_____Does the director of the center have a bachelor's degree or higher in a child-related field?

_____Has the director worked in child care for at least two years?

_____Are the caregivers/teachers trained and experienced in child care?

_____Do the caregivers/teachers participate in early childhood development classes?

_____Are the caregivers/teachers involved in continuing education programs?

_____Have the caregivers been trained how to keep the children healthy and safe from injury or illness?

_____Do they know how to administer first aid and CPR?

_____Have they been trained to understand and meet theneeds of children of different ages?

_____Are all staff trained on infant back sleeping and safe sleeping policies to reduce the risk of SIDS?

_____Are the caregivers trained on child abuse prevention & how to report suspected cases?

_____Do your caregivers/teachers go through background checks?

_____Do you have any part time or temporary staff members?

_____What is the average length of your teachers/staff (turnover)?


_____Are the children watched at all times, including when they are sleeping?

_____Are the caregivers/teacher to child ratio appropriate? 1 caregiver per 3-4 infants 1 caregiver per 3-4 young toddlers 1 caregiver per 4-6 older toddlers 1 caregiver per 6-9 preschoolers

_____What are the facility security measures?

_____Are toxic items (cleaning supplies, pest killers) kept secure and safe away from children?

_____Has the facility been checked for dangerous substances such as radon, lead and asbestos?

_____Is the information for poison control posted and available in the event of an emergency?

_____Does the facility have an emergency plan if the child is injured, sick or lost?

_____Does the facililty have first aid kits or supplies available?

_____Does the program keep updated information about who to contact in the event of an emergency?

_____Do you have an emergency plan? (fire, tornado, flood, blizzard, earthquake)

_____Does the facility practice drills on a monthly basis?

_____How often are the toys, equipment or furniture inspected for safety?

_____Does the facility have security cameras?


_____Do you require caregivers/children to wash their hands before eating, after using the bathroom and changing diapers?

_____Is there a designated area where diapers are changed and disposed of?

_____Do you require caregivers to clean and sanitize the surface after changing a diaper?

_____How oftten do you evaluate the childrens immunization records?

_____Are medicines labeled and kept out of reach of children?

_____Are the caregivers trained to administer medication and keep records?

Program/Cirriculum Standards

_____Are the caregivers/teachers warm and welcoming?

_____Do they pay individual attention to each child?

_____Are positive guidance techniques used? What are they?

_____Is there a daily balance of play time, story time, activity time and rest or nap time?

_____Are the children engaged in activities that promote learning?

_____Do the caregivers read to the children at least twice a day or encourage the children to read?

_____Do the children have a consistent routine that they can understand and follow?

Parental Involvements

_____Are parents welcome to visit the facility at any time?

_____Do you have parent/teacher conferences?

_____What kind of communication between parent/teacher do you provide daily, weekly or monthly?

_____Is parent feedback appreciated and considered in making program improvements?

_____Do you provide a program policy handbook for parents?

_____Does your facility offer a parent/teacher organization?

Special Needs Children

_____Do you accept children with special needs?

_____If so, how do you accommodate them?

_____Do you have extra help in the classroom for special needs children?

_____Do you require state support for funding special needs children?

* Add up the totals of all the above scores to give a final total

_____Total Score (out of 300 points)

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