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How can I get help to pay for child care costs?

Below are a few programs that you may be able to utilize to help lower child care costs for your family.


Millions of dollars are given away each year at the federal, state and local level of government to assist people in paying for child care. To see if you qualify, go to Anyone can apply that is a U.S. citizen and 18 and older. You are asked to complete a brief questionnaire and once that is complete an advisor will contact you to discuss the process.

Cafeteria Plan

Many employers today offer a benefit called the Cafeteria Plan or also known as a flexible spending account. Basically you are given the opportunity to put money into an account pre-taxed. This means that you can put this money aside before the federal, state and social security deductions are taken and then use this money to help pay for other necessities such as health care benefits, child care etc… Depending on your plan, an employee can save $.25 to $.50 per $1.00 you contribute. Check with your benefits coordinator at your company to see if they offer this plan.

Tax Credit

The IRS does offer a restrictive child care tax credit for each year that you are paying for child care. This tax break allows working parents to write off a percentage of their child care expenses. The tax break limit is $3,000 for one child and for two or more up to $6,000 a year.
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