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Marie Wolf

I am a mother of two girls and after being a stay at home mom for several years I felt the desire to step into the working world again, which started me on this journey. I began researching educational programs for my girls and found the process of finding quality childcare overwhelming and difficult. I didn't feel comfortable leaving my girls without turning over every stone to gather information. became my quest to help other parents search, review and get access to necessary resources available to choose a quality childcare provider. I am also passionate about researching topics pertaining to my family's health, happiness, safety and education which I share with you in my blog.

Louise Sattler

I am a nationally certified school Psychologist. I graduated from the Penn State School of Psychology in 1984. I have been working since 1984 as a school Psychologist and have been teaching sign language to all ages, from children to seniors for more than 20 years. My school psychologist career started with my first job at the Delaware School for the Deaf. Presently, I am a contract psychologist for school districts. My primary employment now is as an ASL instructor and of course, owning Signing Families.

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