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Our Audience
  • Parents with children between the ages of infant - kindergarten.
  • Childcare, Daycare, Preschool & Camp Providers.
Ad sizes
  1. Option 1
    • On the Search Page (In-between provider listings) AND on Provider Pages (Actual provider listing)
    • Your ad will display in specific zip codes that you determine. $10 per zip code /per month or for all zip codes $5,000 per month. Anything in between can be quoted for you. Please email us for a quote.
    • Maximum width 625px
    • Maximum height is approximately 50-100px
    • Example size:
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  2. Option 2
    • Site side bar ads (left or right column) for $150 per month.
    • Maximum width 175px
    • Maximum height approximately 600px
    • Example size:
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If you are interested in advertising on, please contact us at We look forward to working with you.

#2 Advertise your childcare services with for FREE!

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#3 In addition to being listed on our website for free, you also have the option to become a featured provider for $4.95 a month.

The feature provider benefits include;
  • Rank above other providers in your area on the search page.
  • A provider profile with a map of your location.
  • The ability to add a customized description of your facility.
  • Upload up to 10 photos of your facility.
  • Add your website link.
  • Add a contact email address.
  • Edit your account information.
  • Promote childcare openings at your home or facility.
  • Advertise employment opportunities.
  • Receive email notification when you receive a review & the ability to respond to reviews.
  • Add your Facebook and/or Twitter page.
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